Knowvation™ (originally ArchivalWare™) allows organisations to store, search, retrieve, browse and manage a diverse set of content/digital objects within one easy to use system. Knowvation™ is a web-based, file type agnostic (customers are using it with over 200 different file types), full-text search and retrieval content management system.

Quick facts

  • OAI-PMH Compliant
  • Z39.50—ISO 23950 Compliant
  • Supports PDF/A Technology and XMP Metadata-ISO:19005 standards for Archiving
  • Unicode Compliant
  • Easy to use interface, customizable in 48 different languages
  • Supports searching across 48 foreign languages
  • Searches across large document sets (millions of pages) on multiple servers, geographically dispersed, with a rapid response time
  • Highlighted search ‘hits’ within document
  • Integrates with federated search solutions
  • Searches metadata, document full-text, or both
  • Supports various metadata schemas including Dublin Core and extended Dublin Core
  • Web-based metadata editor
  • Links documents through metadata fields
  • Stores metadata in XML format
  • Supports pre-programmed search button from web portal for quick access to high demand information
  • Permits flexibility in product delivery through web-based architecture
  • Training and follow-on maintenance and support