ArchivalWare DX™ is designed to semi-automate the declassification and redaction process. The development of ArchivalWare DX is a result of PTFS’ extensive experience in successfully implementing, managing, and supporting declassification and FOIA operations for some of the most demanding defence, security and intelligence agencies.

Optimised Search
ArchivalWare DX provides powerful and effective search capabilities by using a combination of modes; concept, Boolean and fuzzy text (binary pattern) and wild cards; this process virtually eliminates false negatives which can occur during the data capture process as well as recognizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors, a common issue in classification initiatives.

Semantic Indexing
ArchivalWare DX initiates a semantic analysis to discover synonyms and related concepts embedded in semantic networks. This feature assists the user in identifying other potential words or expressions subject to redaction possibilities.

Workflow Engine
ArchivalWare DX is integrated with a robust workflow engine which allows users to rapidly replicate the business process in the application without any programming requirements. Its friendly GUI enables the user to initiate ad-hoc processes as needed.

Foreign Language Support
The ArchivalWare user interface can support 48 foreign languages, It also supports cross lingual search; the ability to search in one language while retrieving the results in another.

Users can store, retain, and modify a list or multiple list of targeted words or phrases which will be automatically highlighted on any viewed document, notifying the appropriate staff of pending redaction process.

ArchivalWare DX permanently removes any targeted text along with its associated metadata, including both image and hiddent text. This ensures against any possibility of identifying or retracting the original word or phrase.