Organisations need to track a vast quantity of geospatial information from a diverse set of sources. With motion and still imagery systems, document databases and various other resources, it is impossible to aggregate all the information on a particular geographical target, during a particular time frame, so that current and historical data can be quickly compared.

One System for Managing Geospatial Content
PTFS has overcome this problem with the advent of the ArchivalWare GS. PTFS’ core software, ArchivalWare™, is a browser-based, full-text search and retrieval system for digital libraries and repositories which allows organizations to manage digital archive collections within one easy to use system. ArchivalWare GS provides users with a low cost/low risk solution to quickly find all information for a particular geographical target across various data formats during a particular time.

Google Earth and Esri Interfaces
ArchivalWare GS is integrated with Google Earth and Esri interfaces to provide a graphical method for specifying a location of interest. Using either the Google Earth or Esri interface, the system will display the geographic location for any type of digital object while the user performs searching operations. For example, while retrieving construction drawings of an airport, the user can simultaneously display the satellite view of that airport. This ability to use the same search criteria across a combination of video clips, still images, full text documents and virtually any source of intelligence data incorporated with simple and easy to use displays, allows efficient research and analysis in a timely manner.