ArchivalWare™ allows organisations to store, search, retrieve, browse and manage a diverse set of content/digital objects within one easy to use system. ArchivalWare is a web-based, file type agnostic, full-text search and retrieval content management system. Supported born digital and digitized media types include:

  • Documents
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Photographs
  • Video
  • Audio
  • OCR scanned documents
  • Other Electronically Published Material

Multiple Search Modes: Concept, Boolean, Pattern

Using ArchivalWare’s intuitive full featured interface, search queries can be conducted using Boolean, natural language (concept), and pattern matching (fuzzy logic) methodologies, yielding pinpoint results. ArchivalWare applies semantic analysis to discover synonyms and related concepts. It supports cross lingual search; the ability to search in one language while retrieving the results in another. Queries can be made against the full-text of digital documents, rich metadata fields, or a combination of both. Retrieval of hits resulting from full text searches are highlighted directly on the document image for quick visual reference. Metadata fields can also be used to limit full-text searches or retrieve non-text digital objects, (i.e., search by date, author, publisher, etc.).

Administrator Tools

Administration of ArchivalWare is simple with a web-based user interface to manage system functionality including system settings, fields, labels, indexing, reporting, and import and export of content. This allows ArchivalWare™ to be managed virtually anywhere through a standard browser interface. The interface also provides for complete management of all system users and groups, including access privileges, passwords, and default settings.

Open System Architecture

ArchivalWare is built using J2EE to provide an open architecture environment. In addition, ArchivalWare’s Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration with existing and future third party applications.


ArchivalWare is designed for fast response times over local and wide area networks. The software design of ArchivalWare supports a distributed system configuration, which can be tuned to maintain performance regardless of database size or concurrent usage, by using schedulers, query servers and client handlers. Queries over multiple digital library collections can be sent to a single software query server, or distributed over multiple software servers to take advantage of current multi-processor server hardware

Quick facts

  • OAI-PMH Compliant
  • Z39.50—ISO 23950 Compliant
  • Supports PDF/A Technology and XMP Metadata-ISO:19005 standards for Archiving
  • Unicode Compliant
  • Easy to use interface, customizable in 48 different languages
  • Supports searching across 48 foreign languages
  • Searches across large document sets (millions of pages) on multiple servers, geographically dispersed, with a rapid response time
  • Highlighted search ‘hits’ within document
  • Integrates with federated search solutions
  • Searches metadata, document full-text, or both
  • Supports various metadata schemas including Dublin Core and extended Dublin Core
  • Web-based metadata editor
  • Links documents through metadata fields
  • Stores metadata in XML format
  • Supports pre-programmed search button from web portal for quick access to high demand information
  • Permits flexibility in product delivery through web-based architecture
  • Training and follow-on maintenance and support