Real time analytics on your Koha library platform

Metabase business intelligence and analytics, hosted and supported by PTFS Europe to be used in Scotland’s largest College.
London, 29th May 2019

Metabase business intelligence and analytics has won a contract to provide services to City of Glasgow College which will be aligned to an existing Koha LMS at the college.  The team at PTFS Europe will be implementing Metabase and providing on-going hosting and support services.   


Metabase business analytics
Metabase is an open source application providing customisable dashboarding, a wide range of graphical visualizations, report wizards and SQL reporting.  Koha’s existing reports can also be plugged into Metabase’s dashboarding and graphical visualisations making them considerably more effective.  It can also combine reports from our portfolio library applications (e.g., Koha, CORAL eRM, RT:Request Tracker, Mamoto, etc.) onto a single screen.  

We are delighted that City of Glasgow College has chosen Metabase business analytics.  We introduced it at the end of last year and it has proved very popular with existing and new customers.

Nick Phipps, Sales Director at PTFS Europe

We look forward to working closely with PTFS to integrate Metabase seamlessly with our Koha library platform. With real time information data analysis, it will further enhance our service development.

Penny Robertson, City of Glasgow College Libraries Manager

Any questions, please contact: Nick Phipps:
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