Koha4Health – conference for Health Library Professionals

This was a conference which took place on November 24 2020 at which we and Librarians from health libraries gave presentations about about the open source Library Management System, Koha.

The online conference consisted of a two hour live-streamed conference with live question and answer sessions. The full conference and each separate presentation are available on our YouTube channel.


  • Introduction – Jonathan Field – Managing Director, PTFS Europe (5m)
  • Eleven years with open source and counting – Matthew Hale – Information Systems Development Manager, The King’s Fund (15m)
  • Koha – for the Health Library user – Lucy Vaux-Harvey – Senior Customer Services Consultant, PTFS Europe (20m)
  • Implementing a Library Management System during a global pandemic, are you mad? – Jonathan Field – Managing Director, PTFS Europe (15m)
  • Q&A (10m)
  • Koha – making life easy for the librarian – Fiona Borthwick – Customer Relationship Manager, PTFS Europe (20m)
  • The joys of working with PTFS Europe – Emma Gibbs – Resources Librarian, Worcestershire Health Library (17m)
  • Questions, enquiries, queries, a new way to handle them – Mark Gavillet – Director of Library Products, PTFS Europe (10m)
  • Q&A and Conclusion – Jonathan Field (10m)

Download a pdf of the agenda.

You may also be interested to read the following case studies from other Health Libraries that are currently using Koha:

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About PTFS Europe

PTFS Europe provides a wide range of products for the library market across all sectors. Products include the open source library system Koha, the FOLIO library services platform, Request Tracker for enquiry management, Coral for electronic resource management, Metabase business analytics and the Knowvation digital repository. An ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe provides the full range of services needed to implement, host, and support these products.

More information on PTFS Europe: www.ptfs-europe.com

Sharing analytics publicly from Metabase

In this short video Andrew shows a tool for making analytics dashboards from the open source Metabase platform visible on a website.

Other topics from our What’s on our Mind series can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

FEstival – online conference about Koha and Metabase for Further Education colleges

On June 3 2020, with the backdrop of the Covid-19 lockdown, we hosted a virtual ‘FEstival’ conference of presentations and demonstrations of the Koha open source library management system and the Metabase analytics solution – also open source. Joining PTFS Europe staff on the panel of presenters were Samantha Goldsmith from University Centre Leeds to talk about their Koha implementation and Penny Robertson and George Harkins of City of Glasgow College to talk about how they use Metabase with Koha.

All of the presentations from the event are available to view on the PTFS Europe YouTube channel, either as individual presentations or the livestream of the whole conference. You can also see them below.

If you enjoy watching these presentations and would like to know anything more about Koha, Metabase or the services PTFS Europe can offer, please contact us by email.

Introduction to the FEstival and a presentation on Open Source Software

Jonathan Field – Managing Director, PTFS Europe.

Koha – the mature open source LMS

Fiona Borthwick – Customer Relationship Manager, PTFS Europe

The right system for a FE college

Lucy Vaux-Harvey – Senior Customer Services Consultant, PTFS Europe

The joys of working with PTFS Europe

Samantha Goldsmith – HE & Research Librarian, University Centre Leeds

The technical challenges of supporting a cloud LMS

Jon Turner – Infrastructure Manager, PTFS Europe

Reporting and analytics with Metabase

Penny Robertson – Libraries Manager and George Harkins – Library Systems Analyst, City of Glasgow College

Fast track implementation – right here, right now!

Janet McGowan – Director of Operations, PTFS Europe


Jonathan Field

Real time analytics on your Koha library platform

Metabase business intelligence and analytics, hosted and supported by PTFS Europe to be used in Scotland’s largest College.
London, 29th May 2019

Metabase business intelligence and analytics has won a contract to provide services to City of Glasgow College which will be aligned to an existing Koha LMS at the college.  The team at PTFS Europe will be implementing Metabase and providing on-going hosting and support services.   


Metabase business analytics
Metabase is an open source application providing customisable dashboarding, a wide range of graphical visualizations, report wizards and SQL reporting.  Koha’s existing reports can also be plugged into Metabase’s dashboarding and graphical visualisations making them considerably more effective.  It can also combine reports from our portfolio library applications (e.g., Koha, CORAL eRM, RT:Request Tracker, Mamoto, etc.) onto a single screen.  

We are delighted that City of Glasgow College has chosen Metabase business analytics.  We introduced it at the end of last year and it has proved very popular with existing and new customers.

Nick Phipps, Sales Director at PTFS Europe

We look forward to working closely with PTFS to integrate Metabase seamlessly with our Koha library platform. With real time information data analysis, it will further enhance our service development.

Penny Robertson, City of Glasgow College Libraries Manager

Any questions, please contact: Nick Phipps:  nick.phipps@ptfs-europe.com
More information about City of Glasgow College