Customer Day 2020

Customer Day 2020 a great success

On Wednesday 30 September we hosted a virtual conference for our customers and were delighted by the large numbers that joined us in either the Zoom meeting session or on the YouTube livestream. We were particularly grateful to the following guest speakers from our customers:

  • Patricia Dowling, Houses of the Oireachtas
  • Henry Bolshaw, House of Lords
  • Joe Oxley and Phil Williams, St Helen’s Libraries
  • Sally Healey, Cheshire Libraries Shared Services
  • Andrew Farthing, Sefton Library Service

The full agenda for the day is here.

All of the sessions were streamed live to YouTube and can be accessed on this special playlist. Alternatively, each of the videos can be seen below.

Jonathan Field introduces the Customer Day 2020 conference and Janet McGowan gives an update on what’s new at PTFS Europe and with Koha.
In 2018, The Houses of the Oireachtas reviewed their internal library systems with a view to modernising and having a more integrated approach. A long procurement process and a short implementation time meant that the pressure was on to get Koha, Knowvation, Coral eRM and EBSCO’s EDS up and running by the deadline! Patricia Dowling talks us through how they did it.
Henry Bolshaw of the UK House of Lords library presents a project to improve the accessibility of the Koha library management system as part of our Customer Day 2020.
Help your users reduce the time taken to find resources in your library. Save your staff time in guiding library users.
Library system analytics at your fingertips and presented on dashboards for the world to see.
The Transport cost matrix takes precedence in controlling where holds are filled from and is a complicated area of Koha that is extremely useful but a part that many avoid! Sally shows us how to make it easy!
Jonathan Field demonstrates the FOLIO ERM for the PTFS Europe Customer Day 2020
As part of Customer Day 2020, Fiona Borthwick introduces the afternoon sessions which starts in this video with a demonstration by Mark Gavillet of the all new Enquiry Management System developed by PTFS Europe.
As Release Manager for the 19.11 and 20.05 Koha releases, Martin Renvoize played a pivotal role in the Koha community for twelve months. In this interview he tells us what the role involves, how his time benefitted PTFS Europe customers and what other roles there are in the community.
Martin Renvoize, Development Manager, takes us through the ways you can get involved in the Koha Community.
In this interview, Andrew Farthing of Sefton Library Service gives us an overview of how the North West Usergroup came about, what it does and has achieved and how to go about setting up other usergroups.
Jonathan Field and Bernard Scaife demonstrate how Elastic Search works in Koha in comparison to Zebra search.