Department of Health chooses ArchivalWare, hosted and supported by PTFS Europe

London, 12th March, 2014
As part of a major enhancement of its library service the Department of Health has chosen the ArchivalWare digital repository system to provide on-line access to its collection of circulars and guidance documents issued by the department since 1970, and other archive materials over time.
ArchivalWare Digital Repository System
ArchivalWare™ allows organisations to store, search, retrieve, browse and manage a diverse set of content/digital objects within one easy to use system. ArchivalWare is a web-based, file type agnostic, full-text search and retrieval digital repository and management system.
Department of Health
Sarah Long, Senior Librarian – Resource Development, explains, “We are delighted to be able to work with PTFS Europe again to make our collections more easily accessible to colleagues and ArchivalWare offers us powerful pattern searching which opens up scanned content with ease. The launch of this service promises to enhance the quality of the information service we can deliver while also delivering efficiency benefits. We hope to expand the content over time to take full advantage of the potential of the software, and integrate the e-Archive with the rest of our resource offering for the Department of Health”
Nick Phipps, Business Manager at PTFS Europe, added “We are delighted that the Department of Health has chosen ArchivalWare to manage and preserve its collection of electronic resources. ArchivalWare’s comprehensive search facilities mean that library users will be able to retrieve these resources directly – a significant addition to the services already provided by the library. “
About Department of Health
The Department of Health is a department of the United Kingdom government with responsibility for government policy for health and social care matters and for the National Health Service (NHS) in England along with a few elements of the same matters which are not otherwise devolved to the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish governments.
About PTFS Europe
With over 60 customers in 12 countries, PTFS Europe provides a wide range of products and services to the library market. These include the open source library systems Koha and Evergreen, Rebus:list for resource management, the VuFind discovery portal, CUFTS for electronic resource management, WordPress for Libraries and the ArchivalWare digital repository. An ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe provides the full range of services needed to implement, host and support these products.
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