International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation chooses ArchivalWare™, hosted and supported by PTFS Europe

14th March 2014
As part of a major enhancement of its information service the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) has chosen the ArchivalWare digital archive to replace its physical archive of 250,000 documents (laws, brochures, journals, loose-leaf and IBFD materials).
ArchivalWare Digital Archive
ArchivalWare allows organisations to store, search, retrieve, browse, manage and preserve a diverse set of content/digital objects within one easy to use system. ArchivalWare is a web-based, file type agnostic, full-text search and retrieval digital repository and management system.
International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation
Laura Roest, Manager Library and Information Centre, outlined their reasons for choosing ArchivalWare: “To open up the archives of IBFD’s Library and Information Centre, IBFD has, after research of various software providers, chosen ArchivalWare provided by PTFS Europe. The main reasons for this decision are the enormous flexibility of the software and the possibility to use pattern search.”
Nick Phipps, Business Manager at PTFS Europe, added “We are delighted that the IBFD has chosen ArchivalWare for this major and demanding project. Apart from the scale of the archive (12 million pages) some of the documents are over 100 years old requiring a search engine capable of accurate retrieval in spite of OCR error rates.”
About IBFD
IBFD is the world’s foremost authority on cross-border taxation. IBFD provides research services to a large variety of clients on a vast array of topics in international taxation. The IBFD Library and Information Centre is widely regarded as the world’s leading resource facility in the field of international and comparative taxation.
About PTFS Europe
With over 60 customers in 12 countries, PTFS Europe provides a wide range of products and services to the library market. These include the open source library systems Koha and Evergreen, Rebus:list for resource management, the VuFind discovery portal, CUFTS for electronic resource management, WordPress for Libraries and the ArchivalWare digital repository. An ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe provides the full range of services needed to implement, host and support these products.
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