Plymouth Marjon University chooses Koha


By PTFS-Europe

22nd February 2021 | Koha

The Plymouth Marjon University has chosen Koha as its new library management system to replace the previous SirsiDynix Symphony solution.  PTFS Europe implemented the new system and is providing on-going hosting and support services.

Koha Library Management System

The Koha library management system is a completely web-based application providing staff and public users with access to the system through web browsers.  The system comprises core modules: acquisitions with EDI, circulation, cataloguing, serials and comprehensive reporting functionality. The Koha online catalogue offers end users excellent search capabilities together with a full range of personalisation services.  Koha’s depth of functionality continues to develop to meet the changing needs of libraries and their users.

The UK lockdown highlighted our need for a new LMS. We knew we wanted an open-source Library solution and training and support package that would allow us to hit the ground running, and the facilities to centralise online services through a single point of interaction, so our students received the best support available. PTFS Europe’s support has allowed us to achieve just that; as well as the confidence to build previously unoffered services safe in the knowledge that the system will enhance workflows and optimise student and staff experience.

Kerry Kellaway, Head of Library (Interim)

We have always prided ourselves on our helpful, student-centred library service which provides such personal support to our students. This investment will mean that students are even more able to access their library easily, wherever they are studying.

Professor Rob Warner, Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth Marjon University

We are delighted that the Plymouth Marjon University has chosen Koha, and we welcome them as new customers.  They join a growing number of academic institutions that have turned to open source as their preferred solution. They also join our growing base of Koha customers, particularly in the academic sector, from across the UK and Europe who are hosted and supported by PTFS Europe.

Andrew Auld, Commercial Director at PTFS Europe

About PTFS Europe

PTFS Europe provides a wide range of products for the library market.  These include the open source library systems Koha and FOLIO, RT: request tracker for enquiry management, Coral for electronic resource management, Metabase business analytics and the Knowvation digital repository.  An ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe, provides the full range of services needed to implement, host, and support these products.

More information on PTFS Europe:

Any questions?  Please contact Andrew Auld, [email protected]

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