PTFS Europe introduce rebus:list

London, 2nd July 2012
PTFS Europe are pleased to introduce Rebus:list – a new reading list management system. Based on a comprehensive review of the current systems available, Rebus:list offers a significant advance in the effective management of the entire workflow involved in the delivery and presentation of reading lists.
With a focus on simple, clear and attractive design together with the application of underlying intelligence, Rebus:list offers libraries a real alternative when choosing a new reading list management system. It is designed to be able to connect to any library system on the market.
Mark Gavillet, the software developer at PTFS Europe who originated the concept of Rebus:list and now leads the development programme explains:
Libraries have desperately needed a modern, fully featured, automated, integrated and most importantly, easy to use reading list management system for a number of years. I’ve spent just as long working with, and talking to, librarians about the workflows surrounding reading lists. Having seen the difficulties this has developed into an uncontrollable itch to take the problem on. Until now many systems have only succeeded in exacerbating the difficulty in managing reading lists by introducing additional complications and complexities. The time is right to address these problems properly and give librarians a system that works in the way they and their users really need it to work.
Early implementers
The first libraries to start implementing Rebus:list include Staffordshire University and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. These libraries are of radically different sizes, thus emphasising the capability of the system to cater for a wide range of institution. PTFS Europe would like to thank the staff at these libraries for their invaluable help in contributing design ideas and advice on the functionality needed.
There will be a series of seminars and presentations of Rebus:list around the UK, starting with a seminar to be held at Loughborough University on 4th September – more details to follow. In the meanwhile to arrange a demonstration or discuss pricing please contact Nick Phipps – Rebus:list Business Development Manager
About PTFS Europe
PTFS Europe implements and supports the Koha and Evergreen open source library management systems and the Rebus:list reading list management system as well as distributing and supporting the ArchivalWare range of products from PTFS Inc in North America. PTFS Europe is able to provide full implementation services, including installation, configuration, data conversion, software development and training through to ongoing hosting and customer support.
More information on Rebus:list:
Any questions please contact:
Nick Phipps – Rebus:list Business Development Manager